Mugdha Sapte


Photo by Klara Zargorjanska

Photo by Klara Zargorjanska


I am a still-life stylist, based in London. I have mostly work with designer makers, independent shops and their beautiful niche, often handmade products. Preservation of artisanal skills and crafts is important to me so I am glad that I can support the community of the small businesses and independent makers in my own way. I am also the proud creator of Kindred + Wild, a small batch organic apothecary. 

I am a multi-potentialite! My skills range from creating colour schemes and mood-boards, painting bespoke surfaces, shoot prep consultation, product curation, exhibition stand styling and of course, styling on photo shoots. These skills can be tailored to suit your needs. So why not have a chat with me to see how I can help your project?

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Before I was a stylist, I have been a field cook (cooking outdoors for a school camps), and a botanical dyer. I have a diploma in Display Design and have advised clients on paints, fabrics and tiles for their homes. I am keen on herbal remedies and the healing properties of plants so would love to work with plants and outdoors.

Clients include:

Albetta, Aqua Oleum, Byron & Gomez, Craft Editions, Ebury Publishing, Elaine Bolt, Emma Lacey, Evermore London, Floor Story, Future & Found, Grace Gordon, Jules Hogan, Kinn Living, Lollipop Designs, Laboratory Perfumes, Majeda Clarke, Made and Good, Penguin Publishing, Someday Designs, St Judes, Sebastian Cox, Sevak Zargarian, Simple Shape, Stitch by Stitch, Stolen Form, Sue Pryke, The Barn-Somerset, The Hackney Draper, UAL not just a shop, V&A Shop, Victoria Eggs, Wrap, We Built This city, Well Lit