Mugdha Sapte


Photography and Styling workshop in the woodland: Click here for more info


“Mugdha was very helpful to me at a crucial point in the development of my business. I was aiming to present my work at quality exhibitions and she helped me design my stand, choose the background colour and source shelving. It was very helpful to have a completely clear idea of the stand design before set up and this gave me confidence in presenting my product. My stand was admired and for the first time, I felt proud to be able to talk about my work.

Coming to my workshop, she also picked out various designs which she thought worked in a relevant, contemporary way. Sometimes I find it difficult to view things freshly but Mugdha helped me to see how certain products had future potential. As a result, I felt more confident in my design approach and this has helped me to move forward.

She is gentle and easy to deal with, while being decisive and clear. I definitely recommend her skills for a maker who needs clear advice on style curation and product direction.”

Caroline Egleston, Piccol Passo



Shoot Prep Consultation - There are lots of components that come together for a shoot & preparation is the key to getting the most out of your shoot day. We will discuss the brief, sketch out ideas, create a shot-list and mood board if needed, plan the shoot schedule, create a checklist and a shopping list for props. The aim is to get as clear and prepared as possible and give you confidence for the shoot.

Product Styling - During the photo shoot for e-commerce, social media, lifestyle or product shots, editorial etc.

Starting from: £130 half day and £225 full day

Product Curation


Occasionally brands and makers can feel they have taken on more than they can handle. Too many products, too many variations or feeling too far from where and why they started. Or sometimes you need a fresh perspective on your products to point you in a new direction.

That’s where I can help. With a creative eye, a strong visual aesthetic, a holistic view and an optimistic approach, I can help to curate your products to tell a coherent story. I offer a fresh perspective, point out gaps, and suggest edits and changes to fill those in order to strengthen the brand style.

Introductory offer: £225 per day

Stand presentation

Claire Gaudion Sark Coupee Cobalt_1_preview.jpg

Over the last 3 years of styling, I have helped many brands prepare for their Photo shoot. Understanding their brand, mood and products, coming up with visual ideas, sourcing props etc. The same format is applied when clients are preparing for a stand at an exhibition or a craft fair. It’s all about brand presentation, whether through photos on a website or to a live audience at a trade show.

In the Stand Presentation service we discuss the brief, come up with visually strong ways of presenting your brand at a show, through sketches, layouts and composition and a written report of all the suggestions and tips for your stand. My approach is very practical and I always look for ways to make it easy and efficient for you to set up.

Starting from: £130 half day and £225 full day


Bespoke hand-painted surfaces painted on MDF or Ply wood as photography backgrounds. See examples here. Please email me to discuss sizes and lead times.